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Garage Door Repair Golden Broken Spring

The garage door is most probably the heaviest part of your home that moves to make way for your car to enter and exit your garage safely. To support the heavy material that makes up your garage door, a torsion spring is placed in order for your garage door opener to open and close an overhead rolling or swing up without difficulty.

A torsion spring is made up of durable materials but repeated opening and closing of your garage door will eventually wear it. Garage doors that are not properly maintained lead to too much strain on the torsion spring, and may cause it to break.

Call Garage Door Repair Golden Broken Spring Services

When you suspect that the door spring is worn and may break anytime, avoid using the garage door for the time being. Do not attempt to fix it, as the high tension may cause severe injury. What you can do is call a reliable Golden CO garage door repair services as soon as possible. It is very important to contact service personnel to repair a broken spring immediately when you see that the torsion spring is about to break and the garage door is open. The heavy garage door may shut and cause great damage to anything along its path.

Fast Arrival and Service

Our garage door repair Golden Company in knows that issues with a broken spring are serious problems that can occur anytime of the day. For delicate situations like this, we make sure that our office dispatches our licensed technicians in Golden for quick arrival and immediate resolution. Our technicians will assess the condition of your garage door's spring and repair it immediately. All technicians arrive with complete proper equipment for your full protection and fast resolution. Our technicians are fully insured, and they will take a great deal of care to prevent any injuries or damage during repair or replacement of broken springs.

Available Whenever You Need

Our Golden garage door repair services are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. It will be helpful to save our company's hotline number in your phone's speed dial to immediately discuss with us any problems that you may have with your garage door. After your call, we will immediately send our technicians to your home to immediately fix or replace your broken spring.

Golden Garage Door Repair Broken Spring: Safety Reminders

A properly maintained garage door prevents accidents and entrapments due to broken components. To prevent wearing of torsion springs, see to it that you lubricate door tracks regularly and that you check for any blockage if you notice that your garage door opener is having difficulty in raising or lowering your overhead garage door. Doing your part by maintaining will improve the service life of your torsion springs and avoid any possible accidents that broken springs may cause.

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