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Garage Door Repair Golden Fixing and Installing New Opener

The garage door opener is that part of your garage door that allows you to conveniently enter your garage without manually lifting the heavy garage door. The torsion spring will help you lift or pull down with the help of the manual spring, but why would you do that if you have the aid of technology?

24/7 Garage Door Golden Motor Repair Service

Our Golden garage door motor repair company provides 24/7 support for Golden CO residents that needs their garage opener motor replaced or installed. Our licensed technicians offer motor installation and repair for all brands. Some of the brands that we support are Lift Master, Craftsman, Chamberlain, and Genie. We can help you decide which type of motor is best suited for your type, depending on the needs of your household.

We also make sure that you have access to backup power that you need in case of power outage. In any case you need emergency power for you to enter or exit the garage, give us a call so we can assist you in installing backup power source whenever you need it. You can also have emergency power stored in your garage during installations.

Making Garage Doors Safe

Garage door openers have improved throughout the years. As overhead and swing-up types become popular, federal laws have been implemented to improve safety by installing photo eye or sensors at the door edge if you are using automatic garage door openers that are manufactured after January 1, 1993.

The purpose of sensors is for your garage door to automatically reverse when it senses that there is blockage in the path. This prevents damage to your car if it stalls while entering or exiting the garage. At the same time, it prevents entrapment if you are underneath the garage door. Our garage door Golden repair services include replacement and repair of edge sensors or photo eye sensors if they are not functioning properly.

Remote Control Programming and Keypad Installation

Remote controls and keypads are essential to any motor-powered garage doors and our garage door repair Golden technicians are equipped to program and install them. Our services can even advise you on which types of remotes or keypads will be the most convenient for you and your family to use. We can even offer you solutions in making your garage door safe and accessible to all people who need to use it by suggesting different types of keypads and remote controls that will suit your household's usage best.

Installing Repairing Garage Door Motor in Golden CO

If you need any help in repairing motor or you need an expert hand in installing a new one, don't hesitate to give us a call. Talk to us about your needs in a garage door opener and we will provide you complete knowledge and a licensed technician to help you make your garage door open and close safely and conveniently.

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